Lifelike Portrait Live @ Eightball 22/11

Οι LIFELIKE PORTRAIT Live στο Eightball Live Stage 
την Πέμπτη 22 Νοεμβρίου
Kostas Makrugiannakis (guitar+loops)
Theofilos Sotiriadis (saxophone)

Lifelike Portrait is a sonic project that sprung out from a multiculturally cultivated route of producer George Vasilas within a 3-year course of living in London.
The musical imagery of Lifelike Portrait’s aesthetic is based on the combination of sequencing techniques and electro-acoustic instruments bound together by the female lead vocals. It’s difficult to fully explain it with words so check out Lifelike Portrait’s music and videos in social media.
Lifelike Portrait’s entire concept is expressed through 11 tracks soon to be released.

Line up:
Raxil (Vocals)
John Bellos (bass)
Ilias Petridis (Sequencing-Synth)
Babis Petsinis (Drums)
George Vasilas (Guitar)

Doors open 21.30
Entrance 8 euro with beer